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Squawk is a lightweight XMPP desktop messenger.
The primary objective of this project is to offer you a fast and user-friendly messaging experience that closely aligns with your system’s style, while also minimizing resource consumption.
Squawk is still at a very early stage and might not suit everyone but you are welcome to try it out.

Current squawk interface screenshot

The name ‘Squawk’ is an onomatopoeic, mimicking the distinctive sound of large birds, particularly macaws, as a form of communication.


Technical information

Squawk is built with Qt5 framework (QWidget) and written in C++. The project build is organized by CMake
For interaction with XMPP server Squawk uses QXmpp library. The settings and caches (synchronized message history, avatars, database of shared files) are stored locally in ~/.config/macaw.me/squawk.conf and ~/.cache/macaw.me/squawk/ respectively. A bit more information about it can be found here
As a database Squawk uses a set of embedded databases handled by LMDBAL which is built on top of LMDB
Safe password storage can be organized with KWallet, if Squawk is built with corresponding feature support.