If you have any issues with your accounts, suggestions about the way this hub or any of the services work, please contact me on the following addresses:

You can find my public PGP key on public keyservers or simply download it from here
Fingerprint: 4327 E280 5CA6 939F 6B00 DBA5 386D 0853 2714 4CDA

We have a support chat where you can ask for assistance, report issues or give some feedback:

Preferred languages are English, Portuguese or Russian.


Since you’re looking at this page you’re probably an outstanding person!
If you’re looking for somebody to talk about programming, administration or just to jabber - here are some of my personal contacts:

You can find my personal public PGP key on public keyservers or download it from here
Fingerprint: 3CBC 29E6 791D DD02 FE18 2FF5 9B20 3B25 2A63 EE38


At present, I haven’t integrated active donation services on my website. However, if you’re inclined to support my work, you can do so through cryptocurrency. Feel free to reach out to me, and we can arrange for an appropriate address and token for your contribution. Thank you for considering to support my endeavors!