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We provide chat services via XMPP protocol.

XMPP, also known as Jabber, is a protocol for instant messaging (IM). Unlike the majority of protocols XMPP servers can talk to each other just like the Email does.
Macaw XMPP server supports everything you need for chatting like: end-to-end encryption, group chats, attached files, voice messages, message history, multiple devices, contact statuses and much more!
The protocol is so rich there are even some social media built on pure XMPP!
User address in XMPP looks exactly like an email ( and it's very easy to remember especially if you have a mail box with the same name. As simple as that!


Macaw XMPP server supports In-Band registration. It means you can register an account right from your favorite app or web site.
In order to do so make sure you chose as account provider in registration form. If you face any difficulties you can always contact the administrator for manual registration.

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How to

Macaw communication hub provides 2 web clients to access you account.

There are many more of them, completely compatible with Macaw communication hub!

Web Clients

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Android Clients

iOS Clients

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Mac OS Clients

Windows Clients

Linux Clients

Technical Information

Note about storage

In general I do not intend to remove any of my users uploaded files or messages. Till now since the launch date I haven't removed one. I don't really want to set limitations because all of my users showed me the decency and none was found abusing my hospitality.
Basically, you shall not rely on storing your files here as in a storage cloud for I might clean up some of the old uploads if I run out of space. But it's definitely not going to be a problem for you if you just use the messenger the way messenger designed to be used.
Please, make sure you backup your files somewhere else in you wish to use them again, say, next year. I can not guaranty eternal storage of limitless amount of files.
Also, if I detect you are abusing file storage, I might restrict your upload capacity personally.

Statement about password reset

There is no automatic password reset tech implemented yet on!
I can provide manual password reset, here how it works: