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a screen shot of Roundcube interface


Macaw email is free, fast, fair and reliable. We use the latest TLS standards for authentication and mail transfer.
We also don't read your mail to provide targeted ads.
Currently the mail server is hosted in data center in Fremont (California, USA).
The domain name is brief, a lot of short names are yet free - enough of those awful!
Get a mailbox on - show the world that you're one of the macaws!


In order to protect domain from spammers the registration is done manually but it's free for everyone!
To get a mailbox just contact the administrator.

a screen shot of Roundcube interface

How to

You can access your mailbox 24/7! The easiest way is the web site
Powered by Roundcube webmail it's swift, beautiful, has responsive design to be used on mobile devices.
The screenshots you can see on this page is Roundcube webmail.


The better way is to set up your mail program on the phone and on the desktop
Here are the settings you're going to need for that