a screen shot of Roundcube interface A mailbox on Show the world that you're one of the macaws! It's free, fast and fair. We use the latest TLS standards for authentication and mail transfer. We also don't read your mail to provide targeted ads. The domain name is brief, a lot of short names are yet free - enough of those!


a screen shot of Gitea welcome page A git frontend for developers. It's pretty close to Git Hub style. It's possible to make as many private repositories as you wish and it's also okay to make them public. Since it's a private hub the probability of you not having access to your code because of some stupid government provocation is very close to zero.


A screen shot of hubzilla channel page Hubzilla federative social media instance. New era social media are supposed to be different. Their users should be able to interact with each other, choose who can see their content, choose and customize their interface. But guess what? The future is here! They already exist and connect into one huge network called federation. The only thing they lack is you! Set your own node or register on mine if you like Hubzilla's interface and features. As I already said, I don't mess up with your privacy and personal data!


A screen shot of Nextcloud home screen Basically it's a cloud storage service, just like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud. The difference is that all the data are hosted on my server and there they stay. Disk space is quite expensive for me, so, I can't offer you some reasonably priced storage (even apple going to be cheaper), but you can have let's say 500 MB for your phone book, tasks, schedules, documents and notes. There is also a messenger with video conference embedded into this kind of cloud service.


A screen shot of Ardor wallet welcome screen A public Ardor crypto currency platform node developed by Jelurida. It's just a public node used by the network, you still better download it from their official site to run locally if you want to join. I believe in the future of crypto currencies and I am positive that they are going to make our lives better! All we need is to get more into it and that's what I'd love for you to do.


A screen shot of a Fatasy web application only screen A tiny javaScript application which paints random shapes in random places randomly colored with random transparency. I made it for my friend, he uses the shapes as basis for his paintings.


A screen shot of a city build in a Minecraft game shown on a map A local unofficial private Minecraft server. This is the actual link to the world map on that server. No modifications, no moderation, no cities, no properties just the game the way it is, survival mode.


A screen shot of Colfin welcome page A project to keep track of your progress in learning programming languages and not only. It is my friend's project so if you happen to write one and wish it to be hosted here, that wish may come true.