I'm just a guy who likes macaws!

That's right! I'm just a guy who adores those huge latin american birds. They inspire me with their happiness and freedom. I also happen to be a software developer and an open source software enthusiast. In my opinion people should be more like macaws, but that's enough about me.

This site is my private communication hub and it is hosted on my private server with some services for my daily routine. There is more information about those services here. The point is - those are very high performance pieces of software and most of the time they are idle as they only have me to serve. There is no business involved, there is absolutely no financial profit for me or for you I can simply just share some of my computing powers and services with you if you ask. Yep, that simple.

My idea is to use decentralized services and reduce the amount of proprietary software and protocols involved in our routine. To support my idea I can also teach how you to use things I discovered for myself such as PGP asymmetric encryption, webDAV to organize my schedule, tasks, phone book and many others. I'm not a security freak nor a professional network administrator but this knowledge might make your life a bit more comfortable. I also believe that modern developers write such a huge amount of raw prototypish software that we even start to forget how to use good old and stable technologies. There is no need to reinvent the wheel! If you're interested - send me a bird! I would like to develop and improve my hub as well so if any other nice system or app comes to your mind which could be hosted here - don't hesitate to share!